PeopleSoft EDI Resources

I am currently working at a client who is integrating PeopleSoft EDI files over BizTalk to the GXS Trading Grid. From an investigation of the number of people who have integrated PeopleSoft with BizTalk, this appears to be a pretty big frontier. I wanted to post a few helpful resource links for working with PeopleSoft and EDI. Fortunately, there is some really good documentation produced by PeopleSoft about the EDI capabilities of PeopleSoft and the EDI formats that their products support. The most important resource I have found to date is the PeopleSoft Enterprise EDI 9 Peoplebook –, which includes descriptions on how to setup EDI inbound and outbounds transactions. This PDF book also gives a list of the individual X12 EDI format messages that individual products within the PeopleSoft Financials & Supply Chain suite can export. Its particularly interesting to see that different products within the suite can export different versions of EDI schemas. For example, an 850 message can be generated from the Purchasing application as well as the Sales application.
The PeopleSoft adapter as part of the Enterprise Applications adapter pack is another way to integrate between PeopleSoft and BizTalk. I will be posting more details on how integration with PeopleSoft goes and whether there are any gotchas to watch out for. Here is a tutorial for setting up the PeopleSoft adapter:

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