BizTalk AS2 and EDI error documentation

Today while working on debugging some AS2 and EDI message tests, I encountered an MSDN area that I realized needs to be more heavily documented. Whenever I encounter an error number or code in the event log I have to go to a search engine and look it up to find out more information on the error. Many times the error codes are documented on 3rd party websites where Administrators can punch in a hex value to determine the error category. Today I was trying to get to the bottom of an EDI error and found the following MSDN listing of AS2 and EDI error details: If you go to this link the article itself will not have any subarticles linked below it. You will need to use the table-of-contents on the left frame to see all of the subarticles, which represent all? of the different errors you might receive when doing AS2 and EDI processing in BizTalk. Each of the articles for the errors also suggests some possible resolution strategies, which is really helpful. I just wanted to pass along this information for anyone doing diagnostics on AS2 and EDI processing in BizTalk because this is helping me enormously.

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