Some Tips on BizTalk AS2 Development

Here are a few tips I encountered when working on an AS2 and EDI project.
You will want to avoid using an EdiSend on the send side of a 2-way port in which the receive is As2EdiReceive because you will encounter EDI assembler errors where the SOAP messages are being run through the EDI assembler. Make sure to use just the As2Send on the send side of the receive port. The AS2 tutorial at mentions creating a 2-way port with As2EdiReceive/As2Send. This is the correct way of doing this.
When developing with EDI and AS2, you will eventually want to create a filter for receiving BizTalk NACKs that you may see with AS2 communications. You can create a send port filter using the filter property EDIInt.IsAs2Http200OKRresponse == true. This way if BizTalk does receive a NACK it will not log it as an error. This is a valuable tip for setting up an BizTalk environment for AS2 communications so that low-level AS2 message errors can be filtered out to a separate folder or location.

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  1. Hello. Sorry for interrupting but I have one question. I want to know what is the relationship between AS2 (server, protocol, adapter) and BizTalk 2010. Is BizTalk server certificate server for AS2 communication? We are using BizTalk for transferring files inside our firm and we want to expand communication with our partner with AS2 protocol. Do we need to pay some additional price for AS2 server communication or BizTalk enterprise license is enough. Do we need to buy some additional adapters or some other components? Thanks

    1. In BizTalk 2010, there is not an AS2 adapter but the HTTP adapter handles the communication. AS2 functions as a message format/protocol and some out-of-the-box pipelines and pipeline components are used with HTTP ports to send AS2 messages.

      Any BizTalk license gives you the ability to use this AS2 functionality, it does not cost anything more.


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