Windows Server 2008 Roles and Features for BizTalk

I recently wrote a blog post about avoiding some of the pitfalls of installing BizTalk Server 2006 R2 onto Windows Server 2008. One of the gaps in my post was that I did not mention all of the roles and features that I used when configuring Windows Server 2008 prior to installing BizTalk.  Since there is really very little documentation out there on MSDN for BizTalk installs onto Windows Server 2008, I wanted to help clear up the documentation gaps so that others could get this latest version of the Windows Server running for their BizTalk environment.

For this BizTalk project, I was primarily using FILE, MSMQ, and the WebSphere MQ (MQSC) adapters in case you are wondering.  Here is a photo of the roles and features that I configured in order to get BizTalk to run successfully:


On Windows Server 2008 the initial page that loads is called the Server Manager and includes an excellent overview of the configuration of the server. The screenshot I provided above came from the Server Manager’s section for Windows Server 2008 configured roles and features. This list of roles and features does not cover all BizTalk features so you may be required to add other roles or features for BizTalk adapters other than the ones I used.


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