BizTalk 2006 R2 Repair Fails with Visual Studio 2008 Installed

A few months ago I had posted on a way to run both Visual Studio 2008 and BizTalk Server 2006 R2 with Visual Studio 2005 so that you could take advantage of the new environment for developing WCF and WF projects while continuing to work with BizTalk. I had setup this software combination on my local development box in Windows XP and had been working fine without any significant issues. Although there are a few known issues about TFS compatibility across solutions that include BizTalk projects as well as .NET 3.5 projects, I had not encountered any issues with my BizTalk installation until today.
During some development I realized that I likely needed to do a repair on my BizTalk installation due to an error I was receiving about a key violation error in one of my BizTalk databases. It is a common recommendation that the installation be repaired through the Add/Remove programs repair part of the installation wizard when certain issues are encountered with BizTalk. So I loaded the BizTalk installation image and started the repair and everything worked fine until near to the end of the repair. Then all of a sudden I started receiving errors about the WCF adapters that are included with BizTalk Server 2006 R2. Here is an example error:
Failed to add adapter: WCF-NetNamedPipe, Error C0C025CA
A similar error occurred for nearly every one of the R2 WCF adapters with the name of the adapter being the only thing different in the error message. I clicked OK for every one of the error messages and this was apparently not a significant-enough error because it did not prevent the repair from continuing. The repair completed successfully without any other reports of problems. I checked in the Event Viewer and there were not any additional error messages to provide more information on what went wrong.
At this point I think the reason this problem occurred is because I have a version of Visual Studio on my system that is not currently compatible with BizTalk because I know that the BizTalk repair wizard did not have this problem running before I had installed Visual Studio 2008 side-by-side. Until I find more information about this error I have to say this is a known issue for BizTalk development where you have a side-by-side of Visual Studio 2005 with the BizTalk extensions and a separate Visual Studio 2008. At this point I am not sure whether the WCF adapters have suffered any sort of actual casualty by the repair wizard issues. But I think if you want to run the repair wizard successfully without any issues, be sure to uninstall Visual Studio 2008 prior to starting the repair wizard. Good luck with your BizTalk environment configuration!

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