Variation on WSS Adapter Error & Workaround

On my current project I was working to configure the WSS adapter for BizTalk on a separate server than BizTalk. This requires running the BizTalk installer on the SharePoint box and then running the BizTalk Configuration Wizard to setup the WSS adapter web service. I was running the configuration wizard and was just using the defaults and received the following error:
d:depot2300mercuryprivatekwsourcebizofficecodebizofficeconfigurationwssadacfgwssadacfg.cpp(467): FAILED hr = 80070002

This is a similar error to the one reported at but I identified a different workaround that did not require an updated DLL from Microsoft. Rather than use "Default Web Site" as the application where the WSS adapter web service should be installed, I used an already existing web site such as "SharePoint – 80". This enabled me to install the WSS adapter successfully.
While discussing this issue I wanted to mention that the WSS adapter configuration instructions at mentioned that you needed to install "Windows SharePoint Services SP2" but this refers to WSS 2 SP2 and is not required if you currently have WSS 3.

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