BizTalk Server 2009 Public Beta Released Today

Today Microsoft released the public beta of the next version of BizTalk, BizTalk Server 2009 and it is available for download at the Microsoft Connect site – The latest version of the Microsoft ESB Guidance was also released at the same time and is available at the same CodePlex location – There are quite a few updated BizTalk features with this release and I will be showcasing some of these features in the next couple days.
There were a couple of installation gotchas that I noticed initially with BizTalk 2009. I worked with BizTalk 2009 during the Microsoft TAP program a few weeks ago and have already installed it once. The 2009 TAP install did not require you to run Visual Studio 2008 SP1 but the new BizTalk release does require this so be sure to do this before running the installer. The 2009 install will add the Visual Studio extensions to Visual Studio 2008 so that you can now include your .NET 3.5 projects right alongside BizTalk projects.
The developer tools will not be enabled as an install option without Visual Studio 2008 SP1. Since BizTalk 2009 is in beta you will want to report any issues to Microsoft as part of the feedback link on the BizTalk 2009 connect site or report it at the MSDN forums under BizTalk –
The ESB Guidance no longer includes JMS features so you if you have been using JMS subscriptions with the ESB Guidance, do not upgrade at this time if you want to continue using JMS.  

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