BizTalk 2009 on Dev 10 (VS 2010)

Today I was working on a project for a client and was unsure about compatibility between Visual Studio 2010 and BizTalk 2009. BizTalk 2009 is going to be released soon and it seemed like a natural question to wonder if the VS 2010 / .NET 4 CTP ( would work with this. This CTP has been out for around 5 months but I had not had a chance to try the BizTalk 2009 install on it. I used the 2009 Beta install and got some mixed results. Here is the high-level results:
  • BizTalk 2009 Beta install on the VS 2010 CTP VPC installs the VS extensions into the VS 2008 BIDS shell (interestingly).
  • The BizTalk VS extensions do not show up inside of VS 2010
  • I tried opening a BizTalk Sample project in VS 2010 and it was able to convert the project but then could not open the .btproj file extension.
  • If you try to create a BizTalk project in VS 2008 BIDS, you get an error that project file type (.btproj) is not supported. The project type file is updated with BizTalk 2009 to be more of a C# format so I did not expect this to work because BIDS does not have the C# project file stuff anyway.
  • If you want to use BizTalk 2009 on the CTP VPC, you need to install a full version of VS 2008, so use the following install order:
    • Setup the VS 2010 CTP VPC using the RAR downloads
    • Remove the expiration using the VMC file configuration
    • Update VS 2008 to be a full version
    • Run the BizTalk 2009 install (latest version available)
  • The Oslo SDK extensions for VS work (although there are not built-in add file extensions for more than just .m files) in VS 2010 and show up in VS 2008 BIDS so it may be possible to reference an M project directly from a BizTalk 2009 project (will be checking on this soon).

Some obvious questions I am wondering about are given below. I will be researching and checking on these more:

  • Does TFS 2010 check-in of projects work with the BizTalk 2009 extensions if the extensions do not show up in VS 2010?
  • Since the VS 2010 extensions do not work, can a BizTalk 2009 project reference a .NET 4 assembly?


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