BizTalk 2009 RTM

Well I guess I missed the launch party – BizTalk 2009 is now available for MSDN subscribers. I reported a lot of bugs during the BizTalk 2009 Beta and TAP releases so it will be interesting to see if people encounter any of these. Thanks to my friend Thiago Almeida for pointing out the ADOMD 10 error ( I had seen this during the TAP version and unfortunately it looks like a final bug.
The following screenshot shows what you will see if you install BizTalk 2009 in an environment with SQL 2005:
This error is due to the installer needing the SQL 2008 version of ADOMD, v10. I have downloaded ADOMD v10 from SQL 2008 and run it on a SQL 2005 instance to get the BizTalk 2009 installer to work. Hopefully this will be resolved soon. There may be a couple of other issues out there too.
It is exciting to see the launch of the new product and it will be exciting to see people talking about this new version of BizTalk!

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  1. Do you have CAB file for Window 2003? I want to install BT 2009 on W2003, but I couldn’t find this Cab file.

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