BizTalk 2009 RTM Install Guide Missing

For anyone that is downloading the BizTalk 2009 RTM from the MSDN downloads, you may have found that the Installation Guide.htm on the image refers to, which is the location of the BizTalk 2006 R2 guides. This link should be updated soon. As far as I know, no new installation guide has been released yet so your best guide is the 2009 Beta install guide download from
Once I hear about a new version of the install guide I will post more about this. Good luck to everyone trying out BizTalk 2009 RTM.

One thought on “BizTalk 2009 RTM Install Guide Missing

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  1. The link now points to the BizTalk 2009 install guide. For a brief period of time between the RTM and the public release, the link did not connect to the correct install guide.

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