BizTalk 2009 RTW (Release to World)

I just found out that the BizTalk 2009 release has been extended to the general public: I have been posting on various issues with the RTM version. It looks like the 2009 install guides can now be found at – the link was reset and it connects successfully. Additionally, the install guides now mention ADOMD v10 so please stop using the Beta install guide – it has now been replaced. I will be posting here soon about whether the updated prerequisites CAB includes ADOMD v10 and some other details I have been working on from the RTM version. Interestingly, the MSDN downloadable version is still from 4/6/09 (when the RTM release occurred) so it does not look like there has been an updated build; just updates of the supporting files.

If I notice anything in the install guides or the other support files, I will be sure to post about it here.


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