Failed to Enable constraints in Admin Console

I was having trouble on my DEV server today and got a failed to enable constraints error when trying to expand the Applications node. This is on a Windows Server 2008 R2, BizTalk 2009, SQL 2008 server with BizTalk running on a separate box than SQL but on a VM. I was running a heavy Commerce Server import process and the available memory was getting really low. Here is a screenshot of the error:
It was pretty worrisome when it happened because I was trying to get a big mission critical process running and it is hard to get much done without using the Admin console. I had reported this issue during the BizTalk 2009 beta but was unable to reproduce it again after the fixes were implemented so I assumed the issue was resolved. I think the problem becomes more likely to occur under low memory conditions.
I had seen Nick Heppelston’s post at and wanted to post that his process worked fine for me. I stopped all of my BizTalk hosts from the Windows Service Control Manager and then stopped both the Distributed Transaction Coordinator (DTC) and the Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) Windows services. I had to restart the BizTalk admin console in order to reload everything – there was not an automatic refresh. Nick had reported this as a fix for BizTalk 2006 so I wanted to confirm that this process worked successfully on BizTalk 2009 as well.

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