How to Abort a Commerce Server Catalog Import

While working on a Commerce Server/BizTalk project I have encountered a workaround for when you are running a Commerce Server replace import. From BizTalk server we would kick off a large import of Commerce Server catalog records and occasionally need to run these in replace mode. Replace mode handles reorganizing the underlying data structures of the Commerce Server catalog. Incremental mode merely updates the data with supplemental information. These modes are documented here:
We have found that replace mode runs quite a bit slower than incremental so we usually just run incremental. When the Commerce Server catalog columns or design changes we need to run a replace. A significant issue with the Commerce Server catalog adapter is that it does not allow you to do concurrent import execution for the same Commerce Server site. So usually if you start up a replace you wind up waiting for it to complete. Even if the BizTalk process stops, the Commerce Server process continues and keeps blocking subsequent imports. I had not been able to find any other way to abort an import except these steps:
If you want to force a stop of a Commerce Server import, do the following steps:
  • Stop the SQL Server instance hosting the Commerce Server catalog database
  • Run iisreset to refresh the process hosting the Commerce Server catalog web service.


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