BizTalk 2010 on SQL 2011 CTP 1 (Denali)

Today I kicked off an install test of BizTalk 2010 with SQL Server 2011 CTP 1 (Denali). Here is my install order, all on a single box using local accounts:

This install order did produce one error when setting up VS 2010. The SQL 2008 R2 management objects could not be installed. I was not sure if this was important for BizTalk or not so I just ignore the error. Everything else with VS 2010 installed correctly. BizTalk installed. I am still working on getting Notification services and BAM installed so I will update this post later. The configuration wizard went through quite quickly and I did not have problems. So at this point I think BizTalk 2010 is working successfully on SQL 2011 CTP 1.


2 thoughts on “BizTalk 2010 on SQL 2011 CTP 1 (Denali)

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  1. Any progress with this? Denali will most likely be a part of Masterdata system in a near future, and any experiences are welcome.

    1. Neutra, I have not tried this again on a newer version of Denali yet. At the moment I am extremely busy and will probably not be able to get to this. If you try it out on the latest Denali version, please let me know how it goes. Thanks!

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