BizTalk PowerShell Add-In updated for BizTalk 2013

I was working on building out the BizTalk 2013 environments for a client when one of the guys in IT mentioned that the BizTalk PowerShell snap-in was not updated for working with BizTalk 2013. The CodePlex site at mentions the currently released version only works on BizTalk 2010.

So I downloaded the source and rebuilt from my BizTalk 2013 VM. I only had to go through the migration wizard and install WiX to get all of the projects to build. Then I ran the installer and started using it from a PowerShell prompt. It appears to be working fine to me. I uploaded the file as PSBizTalk BizTalk 2013 Verison 0.1 to my SkyDrive. (update: I updated the provider officially on CodePlex. Please go to the release page).

I did not increment the version information or do anything else you might expect would be done, just rebuilt it into the MSI so you can use it in your BizTalk applications. Please let me know if you try out the updated version and if there are any issues.


Ben Cline

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  1. Hi Ben, I’m the co-author of the PowerShell Provider for BizTalk hosted on CodePlex. Thanks for your initiative and taking the time to recompile the add-in. However, I’m also currently working on it and wanted to release a new version for BizTalk 2013.

    For lack of time, I was a bit behind my planning and I can understand the frustration of people that use it. As as I was browsing through the issues mentioned on CodePlex as well as adding a few new features, I noticed that the Provider can be recompiled and used as is straight out of the box for BizTalk 2013. That’s why I did not rush to produce an interim release.

    Randal, the other co-author of the provider has expressed his desire to work on other matters and the feature set of the provider suits him well. Therefore, I’m a bit alone at the moment.

    Why not join me on CodePlex? That way, we will be able to make a more coordinated planning for the future of the provider. For a start, we could publish an interim release, which is just a recompile of the provider for BizTalk 2013.

    Please, tell me your thoughts.

    1. Maxime, I would enjoy contributing on the CodePlex project. I apologize for just throwing up a release outside of the CodePlex project. It would be great to get an interim release out like you mention. I will ask for contribute rights through CodePlex

      It is a great project and I know many companies using it.

      Ben Cline

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