Surface Power Supply Fix

New Surface hack: Using a power cord from a printer instead of the provided outlet cord.

My Surface 3 power adapter has recently stopped working. There are 2 parts to it – the part that connects to the device and the part that connects to the outlet. These both connect together to form the power supply. For a while I had trouble with the combined parts and it only worked again when I rammed the 2 parts together to form a very strong connection. The combined parts stopped working today.

After looking at the part that goes to the outlet I realized it looked just alike to power adapter used with most printers. So I swapped it out with my printer cord and my Surface is charging again!

This should be a much better replacement part than buying a whole new Surface power adapter for up to $100. Just find your HP printer (or buy a super cheap one anywhere) and use this part instead.

I will add some pictures here soon.

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