No more BizTalk forums?

I was checking on the community recently and found that the MSDN BizTalk forums had all been closed since September 2020 and the new Microsoft Q&A site that is supposed to be the new home for Microsoft forums did not have any BizTalk tags and the Microsoft people were all tagging the BizTalk questions as “not-supported” because they did not think you could post a BizTalk question on the Q&A site.

This seems completely wrong.

I looked at the page that used to have forums but the site did not appear to be working any more. I could not get the forum topics to show up now.

I used to support the BizTalk forums a long time back so I am surprised to see them basically just gone now. I was surprised too when the Microsoft physical stores closed up completely too. All I can suggest is to try tagging a post on the Q&A site as azure-logic-apps and then talk about BizTalk there.

You can still reach me on this site if you have any questions or look me up on LinkedIn.

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