The Changing BizTalk Landscape

Today has been a bit of whirlwind. In my search for a MAPI adapter I found out that Kayxo went out of business recently and their Exchange BizTalk adapter no longer exists as a buyable product. No wonder I did not get a response from them by email. This also explains their poor website. Perhaps I missed a Business Week or a USA Today article but I can honestly not find very good information on their closing. If you want a copy of the download, just let me know.

Also, I found out that iWay does not sell BizTalk adapters. If you look at their website they look like an adapter provider but I found out today they do not actually sell native adapters. For example, take this page:, it all looks like the adapters are BizTalk adapters. In the past I had definitely recommended iWay as a BizTalk adapter provider but I heard today they sell a competing integration platform and do not actually provide BizTalk adapters.

So the MAPI adapter search is definitely dead now, I will have to build one. Please let me know if you know of another MAPI adapter provider.


Microsoft Bids on Yahoo

Merger mania is definitely back! What exciting news to find out that Microsoft is offering to buy Yahoo for $45 billion! The social networking universe is getting a lot smaller with this news which will create some very interesting new products. With the yahoo capabilities under the Microsoft banner I bet Windows Live will be getting a makeover and a considerable list of new features. I can just imagine being able to link Facebook groups to Yahoo groups to Windows Live groups so you can be a part of any one of them and have roaming profiles all along the way.
A huge question from the business side is how the Yahoo brand will be preserved. With Yahoo owning so many diverse companies it will be very interesting to see the merging of the Windows Live marketplaces and the Yahoo marketplaces to create much more competitive areas to compete with eBay.

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