BizTalk LOB book complete in April 2011

I have been working as a technical reviewer for a book that will be complete in April 2011 called BizTalk  2010 Line of Business Systems Integration from Packt Publishing. Pre-order is now available for the print form but some of the individual chapters are available now. Please check out this link for more information about the book:

It provides useful documentation of integration with Dynamics AX and CRM as well as various cloud-based services. The SAP chapters are very valuable and extend the currently available MSDN documentation for  BizTalk integrations with SAP. This book would be an excellent supplement to your technical library. Thanks

New CodePlex Project – Custom WCF Bindings

I opened up a codeplex project for housing some custom WCF binding work I have been doing: I uploaded my progress on a custom SalesForce binding based on the WCF LOB SDK if you want to take a look. There are a couple bugs I would like to get out of the way before making an initial release but I am happy to say you can download the source and it will show up in the add adapter service wizard and with the right parameters will connect to SalesForce and generate a basic WCF proxy stub. The source includes an installer project based off of the WCF LOB SDK samples.
One innovation on the current experience of use of the WCF LOB SDK and the BizTalk adapter pack is that I include a property on the property grid to load properties from a config file. This helps reduce the time it takes to enter all of the properties on the grid for connecting to the LOB system. Entering connectivity information and LOB system details for every time a new BizTalk schema or WCF client proxy is generated is a huge annoyance in the current WCF LOB SDK lifecycle.  Once I get a release out for my codeplex project I promise to show some screenshots for some of the improvements on the development experience I have come up with.
At this point not all of the functionality in the SalesForce custom binding is working and I am only supporting .NET method calls. My SalesForce custom binding does support invocation from BizTalk and does generate BizTalk schemas and binding files but there is not type information in the generated metadata at this time, just method invocation details.
While I prepare for my next WCF LOB SDK presentation I will be moving the source code over to VS 2010 and the BizTalk 2010 beta libraries for the WCF LOB SDK. Please let me know if you have any feedback!

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