The Changing BizTalk Landscape

Today has been a bit of whirlwind. In my search for a MAPI adapter I found out that Kayxo went out of business recently and their Exchange BizTalk adapter no longer exists as a buyable product. No wonder I did not get a response from them by email. This also explains their poor website. Perhaps I missed a Business Week or a USA Today article but I can honestly not find very good information on their closing. If you want a copy of the download, just let me know.

Also, I found out that iWay does not sell BizTalk adapters. If you look at their website they look like an adapter provider but I found out today they do not actually sell native adapters. For example, take this page:, it all looks like the adapters are BizTalk adapters. In the past I had definitely recommended iWay as a BizTalk adapter provider but I heard today they sell a competing integration platform and do not actually provide BizTalk adapters.

So the MAPI adapter search is definitely dead now, I will have to build one. Please let me know if you know of another MAPI adapter provider.


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  1. Hi Ben,

    A while ago we ended up installing the SMTP adapter on the BizTalk Server and having the exchange server forward the emails to the biztalk server via SMTP, then BizTalk picked up the msg files from the SMTP folders and then we used the mime decoder component in a pipeline (plus this trick here to read the emails.

    I suggested Microsoft create a MAPI adapter on Connect but don’t think it’s going anywhere, perhaps you can stir it up:

    1. Thanks Thiago for the comment!

      Before today I would have made an argument that Microsoft had not made a MAPI adapter because they did not want to compete with a Microsoft partner offering or an integration partner product like Kayxo but now I wondering why one does not exist. Your SMTP forwarding solution sounds interesting – I need to read more about it to understand it.

      Most of the Kayxo solution is .NET based along with a few key MAPI components such as Redemption.dll ( so I have been able to get a good understanding of the inner workings using Reflector. I am eager to build a custom adapter that works similar to Kayxo with a few improvements. This would be a nice CodePlex contribution.


      1. Nice, one based on the WCF LOB Adapter SDK would be really good. We’ve just finished building a raw socket adapter based on the WCF LOB SDK and it was a good experience.

  2. When trying to navigate to the BizTalk adapters page from the website, it automatically redirects to their Application Integration Middleware solution offering page. Looks like they’ve abandoned their previous product offering in favor of their own, as you mentioned. Looks they’re going to bury their adapters as a strategy to obtain new customers…

    1. Lucas,
      I was so surprised too. I had not actually used an iWay adapter before. It sounds like there were actual BizTalk adapters previously. On their partners page they list Microsoft and speak about BizTalk but this is out of date content. This seems quite misleading. But the sales rep was up front about not having BizTalk adapters.


  3. Ben,
    I see Thiago has already bet me to the punch on this one. I described some of my experiences witht he SMTP forwarding option here and here .

    Thiago and one of the architects here have been suggesting to me that I should wrap this all up into some sort of custom adapter for some time.We have at least three sites that use the above solution because POP3 is not an option for them.
    If you write MAPI adapter please let me know because I am very interested. If I could find a project that wanted to pay for it I would have ago at it myself.

    1. Mark, thanks for the additional info. The SMTP forwarding option is interesting but I am not sure my IT department will go for this. Also, I am trying to process large volumes of email and am worried about all the extra traffic, etc. I started on a custom MAPI adapter yesterday and will be working towards a goal of a community one eventually.


  4. I’veactually read you’re post already some while ago.

    But today, I ended up with the same problem… I’m searching for the same Biztalk adapter.

    Have you been able to find another adapter, or have you maybe finished you’re project by now?

    1. I have not found another 3rd party adapter for MAPI. I have started working on creating a similar one to Kayxo’s but still have quite a bit of work to do. At this point I am modelling it on the old adapter framework rather the WCF LOB SDK. Unfortunately, I do not have a stable, working build yet. Once I have it ready I will be sure to blog on this again – I know there are lots of people looking for an adapter for Exchange.


      1. Clineer,
        can you give pointer to how this can be achieved using Exchange web service and built in WCF adapter?

        i am assuming no alternative adapter similar to KEAB has been discovered lately.


      2. I am not aware of any other adapter like KEAB now. I have not had an opportunity to try out the Exchange web service yet but if I get an opportunity I will be sure to provide a post.


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